Transit Surveillance

Video surveillance offers many benefits to passengers, operators and transit agencies, including
  • Public liability, personal injury claim substantiation and protection working both to support legitimate and to defend fraudulent claims.
  • Deter unwanted, antisocial and criminal behaviour - improve the community perception of public transport and increase patronage.
  • Provide security and protection to the driver and passengers.
  • Provide asset protection and loss reduction (vandalism, graffiti and damage to transit and passenger property).
  • Improve emergency response planning and implementation.
  • Meets the higher industry and government safety and service standards that require improved protection for passengers and drivers and for the delivery of a better service quality.
  • Protection, safety and ultimate peace of mind for operators and passengers which translates to increased patronage and revenues.

DTI offers an innovative and proprietary digital surveillance solution, exclusively engineered for mobile applications integrating video, audio and GPS tracking supported by automated data management systems to deliver a geographically enriched, fleet-wide surveillance and incident management solution.

DTI's research and development team is focused on the creation of leading edge technologies which will compliment the collection, improve the effectiveness and deliver improved security through the use of intelligent video surveillance information. DTI's employs research scientists from a number of disciplines including electronic and electrical engineering, computer science, computer vision and mathematics in the development it's intelligent transit technologies.

DTI specialises in the development, supply and operation of advanced mass transit video surveillance solutions. The company's range of public transport technologies have been developed and refined across more than a decade of operations in the bus and rail markets. Over the past few years, DTI has delivered more than 15,000 integrated video surveillance systems to global public transport operators plus another 14,000 via global partners.

Integration of third party systems to marry video with meaningful data is DTI’s specialty. Data from vehicle subsystems such as ticketing for buses and trains, radar and speed inputs for police vehicles or taxi meters for cabs is synchronised and recorded alongside the video and audio recording. This makes searching and finding that crucial frame lighting fast and simple for the operator.

DTI Transit Surveillance