Transit Surveillance

DTI specialises in the development, supply and operation of advanced mass transit video surveillance solutions. The company's range of public transport technologies have been developed and refined across more than a decade of operations in the bus and rail markets. Over the past few years, DTI has delivered more than 7,000 integrated video surveillance systems to global public transport operators plus another 8,000 via global partners.

Integration of third party systems to marry video with meaningful data is DTI’s specialty. Data from vehicle subsystems such as ticketing for buses and trains, radar and speed inputs for police vehicles or taxi meters for cabs is synchronised and recorded alongside the video and audio recording. This makes searching and finding that crucial frame lighting fast and simple for the operator.

The demand for public transportation surveillance systems to control criminal, public liability and anti-social behaviour is growing rapidly as governments strive to improve quality of service and manage the threat of terrorist strikes on the public transport network.

DTI Transit Surveillance Overview