Taxi Solutions

  • 100% Australian company  employing local people, who provide you with prompt friendly service at all times. Our systems are on the majority of public transport vehicles and are specifically designed to withstand our extreme heat and harsh climatic conditions.
  • While-u-wait. Your taxi system can be installed or serviced whilst you wait.
  • Rapid Downloading. Video and Data from a DTI system downloads faster than any other system. This means that should an incident occur that requires immediate downloading, you'll be back on your shift within the shortest possible time.
  • Remote video and maintenance. Where permitted, the DTI system can stream live video and audio on driver duress. Remote system maintenance and upgrades keep your cab on the road.
  • Compact, Ultra-Robust system (meets MIL spec 810F).
  • Integrates to Taxi Meter CANBUS and dispatch system.

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