Scene Anomaly DetectionScene Anomaly

Despite significant and growing investment in Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance systems, today more than 98% of footage goes unseen due to the high cost of skilled monitoring staff.

Even where video is monitored – operator fatigue leads to important security events being overlooked. Studies in United States, have shown that when watching only 2 monitors an operator misses 45% of action after 10 minutes; and after 22 minutes misses 95% of action.

The lack of efficient monitoring often leads to a poor return on investment and sub-optimal security outcomes.

DTI’s Anomaly Detection software help solve these problems by automatically monitoring live CCTV video streams in real-time and alerting operators only when “abnormal” activity occurs.

In practice this reduces the amount of video requiring operator review to less than 1%. This makes it practical, cheaper and simpler for operators to monitor all the cameras on their fleet and fixed infrastructure. Security personnel can then focus attention on the events that really matter.