Camera Condition ChecksCamera Condition

The DTI depot server undertakes periodic camera checks (Cam-Check) in order to assist in managing the vast number of cameras across a rail fleet.  Test images from each camera are compared for alignment and quality, then transferred from the vehicle at a user selectable intervals to be catalogued on the depot server.  This catalogue serves as evidence of the quality of the cameras on the vehicle and a copy of failed test images are forwarded by email or SMS to the maintenance crew for rapid response.

Monitoring the condition of camera images and digital IP camera streams in mobile environments, requires highly sophisticated image analytics to positively identify an actual fault. Even a minor smudge on a dome cover or a crack can adversely effect image quality and render a recording useless. Cam-Check accurately pinpoints real image health issues within a predetermined set of parameters against a reference image for the same time of day. It is the result of DTI’s 18 years experience with literally millions of mobile camera images reporting back to DTI Fleet Manager servers daily. Since its introduction, Cam-Check has been constantly refined to include additional filters, increasing  the overall reporting accuracy.