Duress Video Live & Event Push NotificationDuress Video Live & Event
Push Notification

Pushing video across wireless networks has a host of applications and the technology required is quite common these days. Pushing live security camera images from a vehicle creates additional complexities including encryption of images, acknowledgment to the driver, dynamic optimisation of image quality to suit available bandwidth and auto reconnection when moving through different cells or between wireless networks. All DTI recorders provide a highly secure and robust "Push Video" feature to enable a duress alarm monitoring centre to respond to video notifications pushed from vehicle mounted cameras.

Over 3G and 4G networks, a remote connection to the duress monitoring centre occurs within seconds and enables the operator to assess potential threats to driver or passengers and provide a rapid response. Unlike other systems, Live Look-in is capable of simultaneously viewing cameras from multiple vehicles switching seamlessly from live to replay to provide an instant history of events leading up to the current live view or video clip notification. The vehicle(s) where the video has been sent from are clearly identified by an icon on an interactive map.