Vehicle Peripherals MonitoringVehicle Peripherals


Keeping an eye on a vehicles condition and the drivers behaviour plays a crucial part in reducing operating costs and ensuring on-time running. DTI offers integration to a number of on-board sensors such as wireless tyre pressure sensors to ensure optimal tyre wear.

An chassis mounted sensor to measure the acceleration or g-forces imposed on the vehicle. When installed the sensor measure and records vehicle motion in all 3 axis:

x = longitudinal (braking and acceleration)

y = transverse (left and right turning forces)

z = vertical (up and down forces, bumps, curbs)

The recorded g-force information may be displayed and reviewed in coordination with the video and GPS location data with colour coding representing severity of g-forces.

For buses, an OBD engine management interface provides important engine and gearbox status which becomes far more meaningful when associated with the vehicles location and the driving conditions are visible.

Vehicle Peripherals Monitoring