DTI Video Central Management SuiteDTI Video Central
Management Suite


DTI’s back office suite comprises of several software modules, each of which plays an important part in the management of data in a transit depot environment. The DTI central, system server functions as a central node for all data transfer. DTI can provide dual redundant or distributed failover servers if required. The ability to automatically transfer data from moving vehicles to a depot server is an impressive feature. DTI’s Fleet Manager takes this a step further and provides a comprehensive connectivity and data management feature across multiple depots and servers. Vehicles can travel freely between depots where the download of video occurs seamlessly, according to the business rules of the system.

With conventional vehicle to depot wireless download systems, the issue of passing vehicles attempting to connect to the network is a known cause of system overload and eventual server crashes. DTI’s Fleet Manager uses clever geo-fencing technology to screen vehicles outside of a designated Wi-Fi catchment area to ensure that bandwidth is dedicated to those vehicles within the area that have commenced or are queued for a video event download. Should a vehicle leave a depot in the middle of a download, Fleet manager will automatically resume the download when it returns and connects to the network. Unlike other systems, DTI’s Fleet Manager also resumes the download without affecting the integrity of the data. This high level of image protection is achieved with an SHA1 encryption key at the video recording stage. With this encryption, each individual frame is linked such that any attempt at removing or inserting frames from the sequence, plus image tampering violates the key. This is immediately detected during the decoding (playback) stage and flagged on DTI’s DVSS Client Viewer software and flagged as a corrupted download on DTI’s Fleet Manager.