Wireless Network & Back Office System MaintenanceWireless Network & Back Office System Maintenance

DTI Fleet Manager is a comprehensive CCTV data management suite for wireless automated download of video centric data, from vehicles, to a centralised location.
Fleet manager Provides the following core functions:

  • Automated wireless (video/audio/metadata) download management.
  • Map based GPS vehicle location using depot WiFi or roaming 3G/4G/LTE connection.
  • Auto Resumable downloads with fleet wide, multiple depot connectivity management.
  • System Health Monitoring with automated reporting.
  • Real-time vehicle location

Comprehensive System Maintenance tools using 3G/4G connectivity for constant fleet-wide communication provides push notifications such as:

  • passenger/driver duress pre and post event video to the central monitoring station
  • route breaches and excessive layover
  • unusual vehicle behaviour (hard braking, excessive G-forces)

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