Replay & Evidence ManagementReplay & Evidence

DTI series recorders are compatible with our latest Video Manager replay tool. This software can be used standalone or as an integral part of DTI’s Fleet Manager Suite. By recording metadata and displaying it on the recording timeline, the DTI replay software is able to provide and instant overview of vehicle related events with time date and location. It also enables the operator to see at an instant when the vehicle was running and where video, data and GPS was recorded.

The DVSS viewer contains an evidence management panel, considered by many Government Authorities to be an essential tool for the preparation and management of sensitive evidentiary footage for presentation in court of law. It exports compiled video and data in the original encrypted DTI file format. This compilation can be replayed and authenticated without need to install proprietary software on a replay PC, as it automatically launches an embedded DTI lite-viewer on the host PC. This process preserves the chain of custody, presents the original encrypted footage and requires only the courtroom supplied PC for replay – three items considered to be the most important  by video forensic experts when presenting video and audio as evidence in court.