December 31, 2015 - DTI Group to Provide Passenger Information Systems for the Marseille Metro

DTI Group is pleased to announce an order with its French partner, Cibest, for 36 advanced passenger information systems for the Marseille Metro.

Santerne, a member of the Vinci group, is the leader of the consortium which holds the head contract with the Regie des Transports de Marseille (RTM), the operator of the Marseille Metro.  The RTM operates 36 4-car trains on 2 metro lines as well as 578 buses and 26 trams. Over 500,000 journeys are taken on the RTM network each day.

Each metro train will be equipped with four DTI designed 128X16 Amber LED displays and 2 transit grade 7” touch screen driver displays. Each passenger display is individually powered by an i.MX6 processor and will be connected to the train network via an Ethernet based communications interface.

DTI previously announced that it had opened a French office located in the city of Besançon in 2014. This project is the Company’s second with the RTM in Marseille and further builds on DTI's success in France in providing advanced transit passenger information and surveillance solutions and services.

Norbert Schuwer, General Manager DTI France, said: “We are very pleased to receive our second order with RTM in Marseille and we will look forward to further growth in the region plus exploring further opportunities with RTM for their buses and trams. The project with Marseille Metro provides an excellent metro reference site for our advanced passenger information solutions and services for the French and regional market.”


About DTI Group
DTI provides advanced passenger information and surveillance systems, solutions and services to the global mobile security industry.  DTI’s customers are vehicle manufacturers, transit agencies, transit operators, law enforcement authorities and taxi organisations which are offered a range of professional products and services that encompass on-board recording equipment, fleet management systems, back-end mass storage and retrieval facilities and end-to-end managed services.  Sales and project delivery is undertaken both by DTI directly and through its global partners’ network.

DTI is a recognised supplier to the mass mobile surveillance market.

DTI Group is an unlisted Australian public company.

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