July 11, 2014 - DTI's technology Specified for Bus Procurement Tender by the San Francisco MTA

DTI Group is pleased to announce that its advanced surveillance solution has been specified in a bus procurement tender issued by the San Francisco MTA. The bus procurement tender includes the manufacture of up to 454 buses over a five-year period. The tender states that the contractor shall provide and install a digital video recording and surveillance system by DTI or an approved equal.

The specification calls for each bus to be equipped with up to 11 cameras including 4 interior and 2 exterior colour cameras, 2 megapixel HD cameras, and 2 transit-only lane enforcement (TOLE) cameras. The specification also includes dual-removable hard drives for separate video surveillance and TOLE storage, 2 microphones, and a system status panel.

This procurement specification further builds on DTI's reputation in the United States for providing advanced transit surveillance solutions and services.

Rick Gougeon, General Manager - Americas for DTI, said: “We are pleased that the DTI solution has been nominated by one of the largest transport operators in the United States in their bus procurement tender. This is a strong announcement as it highlights the customer’s preference to DTI products going forward for the next five years.”


About DTI Group
DTI provides advanced surveillance systems, solutions and services to the global mobile security industry.  DTI’s customers are transit agencies, transit operators, law enforcement authorities and taxi organisations which are offered a range of professional products and services that encompass on-board recording equipment, fleet management systems, back-end mass storage and retrieval facilities and end-to-end managed services. 

Sales and project delivery is undertaken both by DTI directly and through its global partners’ network.

DTI is a recognised supplier to the mass mobile surveillance market. Core technology development and system design activities are undertaken from the Company’s Perth office. DTI Group is an unlisted Australian public company.

Richard Johnson
Chief Executive Officer
DTI Group
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