February 17, 2014 - Over 32,000 Cameras Delivered Worldwide in 2013

DTI Group is pleased to announce that it has achieved a record delivery of over 32,000 cameras in 2013. This significant quantity has been achieved through DTI’s increasing global service to the mass transit and mobile security industry combined with key ongoing support from its existing customers. Amazingly, these cameras alone would capture over 10 billion images per day, providing enhanced safety and security to a wide range of customers. Of these cameras, 27% were high resolution IP digital cameras.

Fred Erdbrink, Business Development Manager for DTI, said: “I’m impressed that we have achieved such significant sales quantities which will provide ongoing security and safety to our customers for many years to come. We see this as a noteworthy milestone for DTI and our customers.”


About DTI Group

DTI provides advanced surveillance systems, solutions and services to the global mobile security industry.  DTI’s customers are transit agencies, transit operators, law enforcement authorities and taxi organisations which are offered a range of professional products and services that encompass on-board recording equipment, fleet management systems, back-end mass storage and retrieval facilities and end-to-end managed services.  Sales and project delivery is undertaken both by DTI directly and through its global partners’ network.

DTI is a recognised supplier to the mass mobile surveillance market. Core technology development and system design activities are undertaken from the Company’s Perth office.

DTI Group is an unlisted Australian public company.

Richard Johnson
Managing Director
DTI Group
Phone: (08) 9479 1195