February 27, 2013 - DTI Group Nominated as a Finalist for UK Rail Awards

DTI Group is pleased to announce that it was nominated as a finalist in the Safety and Security category for the Rail Business Awards in the UK along with Eversholt Rail Group and Greater Anglia. An extract of the submission by Eversholt Rail Group is included below.

Rail Business Awards Submission
Security and Security Excellence Category

The Future of on board CCTV Provision


A revolutionarily new approach to CCTV provision has been deployed to enhance passenger security on train services in London prior to the Olympics by a partnership between Eversholt Rail, Greater Anglia and a new supplier to the UK, DTI Group of Australia.  The Train Operator is now able to obtain CCTV footage quicker, easier and with less hassle, speeding the resolution of everyday customer security issues.


Traditionally on-train CCTV has been purchased to a detailed technical specification with the owner taking all obsolescence risk.  In a fast moving area of technological development this can create some big risks for the purchaser.  Even with good technical advice, the customer is often less informed than the supplier, finding it difficult to make the right technical choices. Once brought and installed there is often little incentive for the supplier to continue to support their product; products  that can quickly become out of date.  As with any system, CCTV reliability is critically dependent on how the system is maintained and operated: requiring a particular skill set often difficult to find in a traditional train maintenance depot.

These were the challenges faced by Eversholt Rail and Greater Anglia in 2011. The bitter experience of fitting an un-reliable CCTV system to 77 class 321 and 61 class 315 commuter trains only 4 years previously was not something either party wished to repeat.

DTI Group and their revolutionary new “Service Bureau” product has proved to be the solution.

The Need

The purpose of on-train CCTV is to provide surveillance and recording of the images from the train interior. These images need to be accessible to authorised persons, in a format that preserves the chain of evidence for prosecution purposes.  Every CCTV system can suffer defects and damage, the key is to know whether the system is functioning and minimise the time to repair to achieve high levels of availability.  DTI Group started with these principles when developing their unique “Service Bureau” product.

The Hardware

The core of the system is new CCTV hardware now fitted to 94 class 321 and 61 class 315 units operated by Greater Anglia.  Each unit was fitted with two of DTI's latest rail DRU (Data Recording Unit) incorporating redundant HDD’s and analytics based automated daily camera and system health checks. In addition each vehicle received a wireless data communications infrastructure and GPS-based vehicle location system.  Manufactured by DTI Group using their own facilities in Perth, this equipment has been developed over a number of years to deliver a robust performance in the harsh environment encountered in a rail vehicle.  On the Greater Anglia fleet the previous CCTV system cameras and wiring were tested and re-used, reducing installation downtime, cost and environmental impact.  All equipment was fitted in time for the Olympics, ensuring high levels of security surveillance in time for this high profile international event, keeping Greater Anglia’s customers safe.

The ground based infrastructure consisted on wi-fi “hot spots” at two stabling locations and within the train maintenance depot at Seven Kings, and CCTV reviewing stations at Liverpool Street and Ilford.

The Software

Every train is connected to DTI's leading edge ‘fleet management’ software suite. Fleet Manager centralises and manages the CCTV network allowing the remote daily monitoring of the fleet from DTI offices in Australia and the UK.  The customer is fully empowered, with authorised employees of Greater Anglia able to view the individual status of all systems from two secure locations within the London area. This allows the scheduling of video downloads of evidence through an on-line automated CCTV 'booking' system. Greater Anglia personnel no longer need to visit trains to extract HDD’s, rather they request evidence remotely from a safe, secure environment.  Video requests can be ordered on the basis of time and geographical location, obviating the need to determine which train was at which location when an incident occurred.  If a video request is only partially downloaded before a train leaves the stabling or depot site, the download will automatically resume from the right picture frame the next time that the train becomes in-range of a system wi-fi hotspot. With extensive on-train video memory this means that video images are never lost, even on units away from stabling sidings for long periods.

Fleet Manager also enables DTI Group to have full access to system availability and performance.

Service Bureau

The really revolutionary aspect of this project is the “Service Bureau” contract.  Under this DTI Group are paid for monthly system maintenance on the delivery of system availability. This arrangement incentivises the supplier to achieve high levels of availability and system performance.  As new technology develops and provides a more cost effective means of delivering video surveillance it will be in DTI Group’s best interests to roll out implementation. This approach “future proofs” the system for the owner, and builds technology re-fresh into the contract from the start. With Fleet Manager providing all parties will a clear oversight of cross-fleet use and performance, incentive payments are fully transparent and contract management is simplified for all parties.

The detailed on-board analysis and reporting of system health checks has enabled DTI to take on all system maintenance, migrating from traditional labour intensive routine on-vehicle checks and actions to ‘dynamic’ reporting by exception, reducing cost and minimising unit downtime. This ability of the deployed system to alert DTI and Greater Anglia staff to a real or potential issue also allows for rapid restoration of full service should a fault be reported rather than a system fault persist in the network until a scheduled vehicle exam.

A further bi-product of the level of detail provided routinely is a full and comprehensive ‘live’ asset register of all firmware, software and serial number data collected and displayed on Fleet Manager each day.

British Transport Police Testimony

T/Chief Inspector Paul Mauger, of British Transport Police, said: “London North BTP regularly utilise the on train CCTV that has been introduced to the train fleet on the Greater Anglia Network.

“Since the Greater Anglia franchise commenced in February 2012, the reliability of the CCTV equipment has improved significantly and is supplemented by a dedicated member of staff who reviews and evaluates all on train CCTV.

“The images provided by Greater Anglia to BTP provide crucial evidence for a variety of incidents and offences. The quality and clarity of these images has formed part of regional media witness appeals that have resulted in the community helping to identify additional witness information and the identification of suspects.

“This partnership approach ensures that criminal activity on the rail network is minimised, increases public confidence and reassures both the staff and public that anyone who does commit offences is brought to justice.”


A revolutionary new approach to contracting for CCTV has delivered benefits to Eversholt
Rail, Greater Anglia and their customers. These include:

  • high levels of system availability
  • more reliable system operation,
  • easier trouble shooting,
  • easier access to images,
  • real time system monitoring
  • the management of future technology risk

Fleet Manager gives all stakeholders full over-sight of system performance and enables cost efficient data management, system maintenance and repair.

Through selection of DTI Group, Eversholt Rail has introduced a new supplier with leading technology into the UK rail market together with an innovative full service support capability.

The “service bureau” concept, enabled via real-time communications technology, may even open up exciting new opportunities in other areas of on-train system provision.


About DTI Group
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