November 14, 2011 - Safety First with DTI High-definition Surveillance Systems for Tullamarine Bus Lines

DTI Group Limited (DTI) is pleased to announce the supply of its high-definition surveillance systems as the latest weapon in the war against vandalism on Melbourne’s public transport buses.

Jim Sikavitsas, Managing Director of Tullamarine Bus Lines, was concerned at the high incidence of vandalism on buses, including school runs, and the negative impact this was having on his drivers and passengers. Continual driver and passenger abuse, graffiti and the ongoing vandalism of bus interiors was unacceptable so he turned to DTI, a leader in the area of mass transit video surveillance systems.
DTI installed the advanced surveillance system on selected buses with each system comprising five high-definition cameras—four inside the bus of which one is forward-facing—GPS, and a driver duress button, and the results to date are very positive.

The system is further supported by the capability to wirelessly download footage, as well as a comprehensive Fleet Management software suite to maintain the surveillance systems effectively. The knowledge that vandalism is being videoed acts as a deterrent, resulting in better behavior and an improved ridership experience for both the drivers and passengers. The clarity of the digital images obtained by the system means that offenders can be easily identified so that appropriate action can be taken.  

Mr Sikavitsas is delighted with the performance of the surveillance system and commented that the incidence of vandalism and abuse has been reduced.

“Our passengers and drivers are entitled to a safe and hassle-free journey on our buses and by deterring and curbing vandalism and abuse we are achieving both,” he said.  “The DTI system has saved us time by not having to go to each bus to retrieve video footage.  We simply schedule the footage to be downloaded wirelessly when the bus returns to our depot.”                       


About DTI Group
DTI provides advanced surveillance systems, solutions and services to the global mobile security industry.  DTI’s customers are transit agencies, transit operators, law enforcement authorities and taxi organisations which are offered a range of professional products and services that encompass on-board recording equipment, fleet management systems, back-end mass storage and retrieval facilities and end-to-end managed services.  Sales and project delivery is undertaken both by DTI directly and through its global partners’ network.

DTI is a recognised supplier to the mass mobile surveillance market. Core technology development and system design activities are undertaken from the Company’s Perth office and are complemented through a strategic research partnership with Western Australia’s Curtin University of Technology.

DTI Group is an unlisted Australian public company.

Gehan Dantanarayana
Regional GM
DTI Group
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