November 30, 2006 - DTI Signs 5 Year Upgrade and Outsourcing Contract In Perth

DTI has been given the green-light to upgrade Perth's bus surveillance network and to centrally manage the CCTV infrastructure under a 5 year outsourced contract.

Around 500 of Perth's transit buses will be upgraded to support high speed wireless data transfers and to enable the network to be managed and controlled from a central monitoring facility.

Since 2000, DTI has been supplying and installing digital CCTV systems into Perth's transit buses with approximately 650 buses now equipped with up to 7 high resolution cameras. As of 2006, all new buses were also equipped with DTI's GPS based vehicle location system and high-speed wireless data communication capacity. The upgrade program being undertaken by DTI addresses the 550 buses which were delivered prior to 2006.

The wireless upgrade is a major advancement to the transit CCTV infrastructure providing a coordinated and centrally managed facility covering Perth's bus network. In addition to the on-vehicle upgrades, DTI will be supplying and installing across Perth's 16 bus depots, high speed communications infrastructure and mass storage data servers on which the city's transit surveillance information will be hosted. Advanced CCTV viewing stations will also be installed for use by bus operators, transit agencies and police to undertaken investigations using the surveillance information.

The technology behind the on-board CCTV equipment, the communications infrastructure, the transit network management systems and the CCTV investigation software has been designed and developed by DTI as part of the company's on-going effort in developing leading edge transit surveillance management solutions.

Complimenting the supply contract, DTI has also been engaged under a 5 year outsourced management contract to monitor, support and maintain the transit CCTV network. In delivering this operate contract, DTI will establish at it's Perth Headquarters, a call centre and a centralised CCTV management facility to monitor the city-wide network (Surveillance Service Bureau).

The upgrade rollout and the establishment of the Surveillance Service Bureau is due for completion by mid 2007.