September 26, 2006 - DTI Signs Major Contract With GE Security to Develop The Next Generation of GE's MobileView Product

DTI Group Ltd and GE Security Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric Company (NYSE:GE), have entered into an agreement covering the design, development and distribution of MobileView IV, the latest and most advanced addition to GE's highly successful MobileView product range. GE Security is the US's largest transit surveillance provider with more than 14,000 MobileView systems installed in transit agencies across the nation.

"The MobileView system helps transit systems save money by deterring crime and vandalism as well as disposing of false and misleading claims more quickly," said Robert Siegel, GE Security's General Manager for Video and Software Solutions. "By showcasing a safer riding experience, MobileView helps increase passenger volumes and Rapid Transit Authority revenues. It is successfully employed by transit systems in Chicago, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix and Reno."

Under the strategic agreement, GE Security will license DTI's transit surveillance I.P. / technology for the MobileView IV product and it's associated CCTV investigation and fleet management software suites. GE Security will market and distribute the MobileView product range and will pay to DTI license fees for each system sold. MobileView IV is available through GE's extensive global dealer network.

While final licensing and distribution agreements were consummated in October 2006, DTI and GE Security have been actively engaged on the design and development phase of this next generation transit surveillance solution for some 18 months. DTI will manufacture the first 750 MobileView IV systems from its Perth, Western Australia facility after which time GE Security will take over manufacturing responsibilities. Deliveries of MobileView IV through GE Security are to commence in October 2006.

DTI's partnership with GE Security represents a major growth opportunity for the company as it builds its business globally. GE Security's decision to adopt DTI's technology in its next generation MobileView product is a strong endorsement to DTI's success in developing advanced surveillance technologies which are ideally suited and tailored to the needs of transit agencies.

MobileView IV records up to 12 cameras at up to 120 pictures per second, offers up to 1Tb of internal data storage, has integrated GPS for vehicle tracking and locating and provides extensive peripheral inputs for measuring and recoding associated vehicle operating data including speed, braking, turn indicator use and g-force levels. The associated software suites provide advanced CCTV investigation tools, automated data recovery using WiFi communications and comprehensive enterprise level vehicle and case management systems.

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