June 26, 2006 - DTI Signs Bus Contract with South Australian Government

DTI Group Ltd has been awarded through public tender, a major contract by the South Australian Government to supply, install and maintain CCTV equipment across Adelaide's 650 Metro Buses. The project is a major security undertaking which will deliver 'whole of fleet' video surveillance across the Adelaide bus network.

Each bus will be equipped with DTI's latest Mobile Digital Recorder (MDR-4) and five high resolution colour cameras. A microphone located in the forward part of the bus is available to capture audio/voice communications under 'duress' or emergency situations.

Extensions to the Government's scope of works were negotiated directly between DTI and the Adelaide bus operators to include DTI's GPS based vehicle location system, wireless data communications infrastructure and DTI's fleet management software suite. The combined Government-Private contract totalled over $4.5M and will see Adelaide's buses equipped with one of the most advanced city-wide transit surveillance systems in the country.

DTI's wireless infrastructure and back-end CCTV management system centralises and coordinates the bus CCTV network and allows video evidence to be recovered from buses through an on-line automated CCTV 'booking' system.

For example, video evidence pertaining to a security incident is entered by CCTV operators into the network by way of computer terminal. The CCTV network then automatically locates and recovers the requested information from the appropriate bus and stores it on one of DTI's 12 CCTV data servers located across Adelaide. The CCTV operator is then able to review and investigate the incident using DTI's CCTV investigation software.

The Adelaide project further builds on DTI's success across Australia in providing advanced city-wide transit surveillance operations and positions DTI as the major digital CCTV provider in Australia.


Adelaide's 650 Metro buses