Wide Area Urban Surveillance

The Wide area urban surveillance service provides urban surveillance to specific users through the collating of forward facing camera images from suitably equipped buses.


Accelerated by the recent terrorist events, transportation agencies have become acutely aware of the need to improve passenger security through the use of new technology, including mobile video surveillance systems. These systems can monitor and record onboard events, collect footage from inside and outside the bus, store operational data and generally improve the quality and safety of a bus, train or plane ride.


Furthermore, through the implementation of forward and rear facing cameras, each transit vehicle ( bus/tram) becomes a patrolling video surveillance unit capturing off-bus street activities as these video-enabled buses roam major city areas, up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


This roaming city-wide surveillance function is an invaluable extension to existing “static” CCTV programs. These uses include:

  • Urban surveillance for police and insurance of accidents (vehicles, intersections, pedestrians)
  • Urban surveillance for crime prevention (Vehicle Tracking, Buildings, People)
  • Urban surveillance for homeland security (Vehicle Tracking, Buildings, People)

Simple Time-lapse

  • Virtual observer is positioned at point of interest

  • viewOut operator generates sets of track segments matching desired visibility constraints

  • Video frames are extracted and concatenated to form sequence

simple time-lapse

simple time-lapse

simple time-lapse