Managed Services

Managed Services

Wide Area Urban Surveillance

The Wide area urban surveillance service provides urban surveillance to specific users through the collating of forward facing camera images from suitably equipped buses.

Accelerated by the recent terrorist events, transportation agencies have become acutely aware of the need to improve passenger security through the use of new technology, including mobile video surveillance systems. These systems can monitor and record on-board events, collect footage from inside and outside the bus, store operational data and generally improve the quality and safety of a bus, train or plane ride.

Furthermore, through the implementation of forward and rear facing cameras, each transit vehicle ( bus/tram) becomes a patrolling video surveillance unit capturing off-bus street activities as these video-enabled buses roam major city areas, up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This roaming city-wide surveillance function is an invaluable extension to existing “static” CCTV programs. These uses include:

  • Urban surveillance for police and insurance of accidents (vehicles, intersections, pedestrians)
  • Urban surveillance for crime prevention (Vehicle Tracking, Buildings, People)
  • Urban surveillance for homeland security (Vehicle Tracking, Buildings, People)
  • Simple Time-lapse
  • Virtual observer is positioned at point of interest
  • viewOut operator generates sets of track segments matching desired visibility constraints
  • Video frames are extracted and concatenated to form sequence

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Driver Development and Risk Mitigation

Driver Development and Risk MitigationDTI’s driver development service provides a detailed and comprehensive analysis service which combines video, GPS, mapping, accelerometer, and bus data information to significantly enhance driver development, improve operating costs, and reduce risk.

The driver development service provides the following benefits:

  • Improved fuel consumption by monitoring overly vigorous acceleration
  • Improved brake wear by monitoring brake overuse
  • Improved safety by monitoring risk events such as excessive swerving, excessive braking, curb mounting, rough roads etc.

Video Management Services

Girl on busDTI’s Video Management Services provides turnkey support for requesting, retrieving, storing, cataloguing, and dispatching. Outsourced video management resolves the need for multiple users of video information including police, transit operators, insurance companies and homeland security. By outsourcing video management, transit operators can focus on their core transit business of moving people.

Bus Data Analysis and Monitoring

The Bus Data Analysis and Monitoring service enables important bus operational and engine management data to be monitored, retrieved, reviewed, reported in coordination with the surveillance data.

A comprehensive range of configurable auxiliary inputs are monitored including analogue and contact closure type device interfaces (10 x optically isolated inputs).

The measured data streams are recorded digitally in real-time with respect to date, time, geographical location and speed and heading of the bus and are fully integrated with the other associated MDR-4 modules including video surveillance and the bus location system.

Bus Data Analysis and Monitoring Bus Data Analysis and Monitoring Bus Data Analysis and Monitoring

Schedule Adherence Analysis

Schedule Adherence Analysis This service combines the GPS based vehicle location information acquired by DTI’s CCTV system and analyses it against the route schedule database of the operator to deliver comprehensive route performance information. Daily reports detailing route deviations or exceptions are generated providing excellent management information for the operator.

The strength of this service is that schedule deviation data can be provided to the operator detailing which buses are running late in conjunction with visual information via a forward facing camera. This combination of schedule and video expands the analysis greatly as reasons for delay can typically be determined such as traffic accident, road work, etc.

IT Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure Services includes maintenance services for depot equipment such as servers, viewing stations, switches, access points as well as wireless bridges. Network communications can also be included as part of this service. As with on-board systems, DTI design IT back-office infrastructure with distributed risk. Critical services such as vehicle Real Time Vehicle Tracking, driver duress and vehicle data management take priority over other background services.

IT Infrastructure Services

Help Desk, Technical Support and Monitoring

Help DeskHelp Desk, Technical Support and Monitoring includes help desk support coupled with additional technical (software or network) support as required. Monitoring includes the review and reporting of the status of the CCTV systems on buses.

All service requests and preventative maintenance are logged and monitored on DTI’s web based tracking system. With the remote helpdesk support, we can assist our customers through the critical stages of searching and downloading data from a vehicle, through to editing footage for preparation to present to local Police.

First Line Maintenance

This service provides for the maintenance of equipment on the buses as well as an on-call support service. First Line Maintenance includes a field support person with vehicle. DTI staff have many years combined industry experience from; automotive electronics, aviation electronics, CCTV, Law Enforcement and rail.

First Line Maintenance