System Components designed specifically for harsh transit environments

MDR Series HYBRID Mobile Data Recorders

The core on-board recording system, or Mobile Digital Recorder (MDR series), has been exclusively engineered to withstand the rigors of transit vehicle use. The MDR series carries a strong heritage dating back to 1996. Since then, of thousands of MDR recorders have been deployed on bus fleets world-wide. Recently, after months of exhaustive testing against the competition, two of the largest cites in the USA chose the DTI solution to protect their assets and passengers. For years, MDR recorders have been operating in some of the harshest mobile environments imaginable, so you can be assured of a lifetime of trouble free service on any bus fleet.

With its compact form factor and list of impressive features, the popular MDR5-L industrial grade mobile rated video, audio and data recorder from DTI is a value proposition for the most demanding mobile recording applications. The MDR5-M adds additional processing power plus additional storage that can be used to mirror the main storage location, extend recording duration or provide a separate storage location for bus lane infringement camera recordings. DTI also provide an option for  disaster proof external storage. This storage mirrors the last 4-5 days of recording, right up to the last second before the recording system was destroyed. The drive can be mounted up to 10 meters from the recorder in a secure/hidden location.

As true HYBRID devices, all MDR recorders are able to record any combination of up to 16 IP digital  or composite video analogue cameras. MDR recorders include dual Gigabit LAN ports, built-in modems for dual band WiFi/3G/LTE and are certified to all important standards including; EN50155 heat and vibration, e-Mark and MIL-STD-810F. The MDR’s recording and RTSP streaming complies with international IP video standards: ONVIF and PSIA making it easy connect to a variety of IP cameras.

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