System Components designed specifically for harsh transit environments

Transit Rated Cameras

DTI have designed and specifically manufactured a wide range of internal and external cameras for a variety of vehicle applications. All cameras are sealed to minimum IP66, with additional IP rating available for external cameras. Whether using digital or analogue technology, DTI cameras ensure minimal moving parts for long service life and high grade optics, to ensure distortion free imagery right to the edge of the scene. All DTI cameras have been accelerated life tested to ensure they withstand the test of time and the harsh environment of urban transit. This includes the ability to withstand extremes such as: pressure blasting in wash bays, icing/salt/petrochemical vapours and constant battering from roadside vegetation. DTI cameras are certified to all important standards including; EN50155 heat and vibration and e-Mark. IP cameras comply with international IP video standards: ONVIF and PSIA

Digital vs Analogue Cameras

As with all emerging technologies, the cost barrier to entry is on a continual reduction path. There is no doubt that the digital IP camera is taking over all segments of the CCTV industry. The unquestionable benefits of mobile surveillance solutions based on digital IP cameras were traditionally enjoyed only by  customers with very high budgets. With the Hybrid capability of the MDR5 series recorders, DTI are able to bring High Definition technology to all bus operators by offering a mix of digital cameras combined with lower cost analogue cameras. Critical locations such as forward facing and driver position can be covered in high definition detail, whilst less critical areas can be covered by traditional lower cost analogue cameras.

See examples of analogue and digital installations below:

Analogue Cameras
Digital CamerasDigital Cameras