System Components designed specifically for harsh transit environments

Processing Multiple Applications

In order to keep internal heat to a minimum, mobile recorders use low powered CPUs. For this reason they struggle to process multiple simultaneous tasks such as:

  • Recording multiple analogue and high definition camera sources along with vehicle data inputs.
  • Re-streaming live and recorded video to a response centre via 3G/LTE
  • Processing camera images in multiple screen format for driver display
  • Archiving vehicle or driver initiated events
  • Other on board processes: camera health checks, passenger counting
  • System watchdog and error checking

With our specialised heat management design allowing us to use a more powerful dual core processor, all of the above tasks can occur simultaneously on DTI’s MDR series recorders.

Driver and Saloon Displays

DTI provide a variety of intuitive and proven driver Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). Available in several languages, these GUI’s rapidly  convey clarity of information to the driver, to enable quick decisions. A touch screen control panel is the logical choice when console space for additional buttons is at a premium. Saloon displays may be added to the system and run directly from the MDR recorder. Media, such as video clips, slide shows may be triggered according to location, alongside a dynamic map displays showing next stop and current vehicle location. All driver and saloon displays are able to tolerate, prolonged direct sunlight and extreme temperature conditions. Their robust construction is designed for the rigours of demanding transport environments.

System Components