Integrated Bus Surveillance Solutions

DTI has been providing bus surveillance solutions since 1999 and offers a range of innovative and proprietary technologies tailored for use in bus operations:

  • Multi-channel high resolution camera recording to cover all internal and external areas and activities including boarding and alighting zones, passenger seating areas, fare transaction zones, driver and passenger interactions, forward, side and rear facing views for collision avoidance.
  • Audio surveillance for monitoring and recording passenger / driver interactions, threats and abuse.
  • Integrated GPS tracking and multi-channel vehicle data recorder to compliment and assist in incident investigation, driver assessment and vehicle operational analysis.
  • Advanced wireless based fleet management, CCTV recovery and equipment maintenance and reporting system to support and control large scale transit CCTV implementation.

Remote Bus Access

A DTI system makes evidence collection simple using a robust, remote auto download, back office system called Fleet Manager. The Fleet Manager suite was developed in consultation with bus operators for larger bus Fleets with depots typically managing over 100 buses. It is the result of years of constant refinement and DTI developers working along side some of the world’s largest bus operators. Fleet Managers CCTV download request management automatically prioritises and schedules the recovery of surveillance incidents using high-speed 3G/LTE/WiFi communications infrastructure.  Fleet Manager also provides:

  • Automatic live streaming of in-service detected events such as 'code-red' or 'driver duress' incidents, excessive g-force conditions and then notifies the appointed staff.
  • Provides comprehensive equipment and network 'health' information and generates defect reports for maintenance and servicing purposes.
  • Removal of the traditionally resource intensive task of maintaining and field servicing bus CCTV systems.

 Integrated Solutions

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