Installation and Maintenance Services

Even the best system in the world is limited to the quality of the installation. DTI have been installing and maintaining bus CCTV system since the late 90s with a continued focus on ultra high quality workmanship. All DTI installers undergo a rigorous training followed up by strict supervision and installation quality auditing. We guarantee our work for the life of your bus, so when coupled with a suitable maintenance plan, you can be assured that it will be ready to perform when you are relying on retrieving that crucial piece of footage.

Remote Service and Maintenance

Welcome to a whole concept in servicing and maintaining the CCTV system software on your bus fleet. For years DTI systems have lead the way in providing health status reporting to the CCTV maintenance crew. Detailed information such as:

  • Camera condition status (using DTI’s camera health check image analytics)
  • HDD/SSD error monitoring with predictive failure analysis.
  • Peripheral system input status; GPS, Passenger Information System Displays, temperature etc.

Along with monitoring the critical aspects of the system DTI are able to carry out wireless system software and configuration upgrades, that are automatically deployed and verified by DTI’s back office maintenance suite. This is a tried and tested method that requires zero input from ground staff. The massive time saving and  removal of potential human errors speak for themselves, making the DTI system the highest value proposition for busy transport operators.

Maintaining a DTI system is simple and straightforward. We offer our customers first line or assisted maintenance packages to suite individual operational requirements and budgets.

Installation and Maintenance