Evidence Management

As is the case with most Review software; Images and video data segments from DTI recorders may be archived to removable media such as: DVDRW, CDRW and USB attached mass storage. With literally months of video at your fingertips, how do you quickly find that important event and have it ready for the Police, who have announced that they're on their way? DTI’s video replay software navigates through terabytes of footage at an impressive speed, using rapid time and date searches and user inserted bookmarks. With just 3 keystrokes, depot staff can copy the selected video segments and compile them onto a court room playable DVD, still in DTI’s fully encrypted file format. As a requirement for presentation as evidence, each recording also contains an embedded metadata check, which verifies the video has not been tampered with.

Recording Metadata

DTI’s recorder also captures and records vehicle metadata and this information is displayed in both text and graphical format. Vehicle braking, speed, use of turn indicators and street location information is integrated with the video recording for comprehensive accident investigation or for driver training and assessment.

Window Scratch Detection

Small highly sensitive detectors are mounted on the rear windows of buses. Audio analysis software (inside every DTI recorder) is used to detect scratching noises whilst filtering out a variety of background noises associated with passenger transit vehicles. A positive scratch detection event can be used to tag the recording or send out a vehicle message to the control room via 3G/LTE so the authorities can locate the vehicle and capture the offenders in the act.

Evidence Management