DTI Central Wireless Back-office Suite

A reliable on-board CCTV system is considered an essential tool for every bus operator. DTI Central makes it easy to manage downloads and keep an eye on system health across the fleet. DTI’s advanced remote health monitoring suites have proven themselves as the worlds most widely used bus CCTV back-office systems for large bus and rail fleets. Fleet Manager ensures that your on-board CCTV systems are always ready to record crucial events and reliably deliver all the information with minimal operator intervention. With just 3 easy steps you can request footage from one or a hundred buses to be automatically downloaded. DTI’s self hosted systems are ideal for larger depots and the ability to automatically transfer data from both stationary and moving vehicles to a depot server, is an impressive feature. DTI Central  takes this a step further and provides a comprehensive connectivity and data management feature across multiple depots and servers. Vehicles can travel freely between depots – the video download starts and resumes seamlessly.

Back-office for Smaller Depots

Operators with smaller depots can also enjoy the benefits without the infrastructure costs. DTI’s help desk server poles each bus CCTV system, updating its health status via the 3G/LTE network to the depot. Whether your viewing your fleet on a PC or smartphone, DTI Central gives you that “piece of mind” and provides a detailed real-time view of what's happening on your fleet right now.

Camera Checks

DTI’s camera check feature ensure takes the pain out of camera maintenance by continually analysing and checking the image quality and alignment of every camera. DTI’s sophisticated camera health checking algorithms are the result of many years in development and real-world testing. The algorithms were designed specifically for transit environments with constant global scene changes.

DTI Central Wireless Back-office Suite