Rail Maintenance Solutions

  • OHCAM is a Pantograph and overhead wire network inspection system for monitoring infrastructure condition via mobile visual pantograph movements. DTI’s in-house developed video analytics suite detects anomalies, fleetwide, via a roof mounted cameras. Anomalies are qualified then indexed on a map, providing the network maintenance crew with the necessary data to create a holistic view of potential hazardous events. Alerts in real time or historical data has proven an invaluable tool for on time running and proactive rail maintenance.
  • PANCAM is a static, depot based pantograph video analysis system from DTI incorporating high definition, machine vision imagery, with the capability to analyse the condition of pantographs and carbon collectors. The information and images are sent to a rail maintenance control centre in real-time. The static pantograph monitoring system instant alerts rail maintenance staff an to a potential failure caused by a worn pantograph contact points and/or deformed horns.